The War of the Gods has begun…

War of the Gods is the second campaign set in the world of Asperia, 2000 years after the world was reshaped by the Dark Maiden. Whispers of this cataclysmic event have begun to resurface, and with the Awaking, the gods of old have rejoined with their aspects, strengthening divine magic. The world sits on the edge of unrest as the various religions strive through internal turmoil and the Church of Eternal Light has escalated the Trial, seeking out all non-believers in their lands and beyond.

As the numerous faiths throughout the world reunite with the Elder Gods, there are, of course, those who resist and outright rebel. Tensions between those devote to their faiths and those embracing the Elder Gods are high, and often violent. The pacifist city of Ghaules, free from the control of Kite, has found itself in a near state of civil war between all the warring temples. In the meantime, Kite has refused all pleas for assistance. In the central lands, the Trial has become militant, massing an army to extinguish the returning faiths of the Elder Gods. Emerite kingdoms have fallen into states of war, and the sanctuaries of the Path of the One have become divided over the philosophies being reborn into the world.

The region of Aasimad, the last remaining ptian kingdom on the northern contenient of Asperia, embraced the return of the Elder Gods, and the faiths of Myrbis and J’lar quickly dominated the capital city, both vying for control. Those clinging to their previous faiths were quickly enslaved, tortured, or murdered.

Here, trouble begins to stir that catapults the PCs into the thick of a religous and historical struggle.

Experience Tracker: Experience will be post on the XP Tracker following each session. The page will focus on the positive and show adventure and role playing bonuses for character. The rewards listed here are in addition to any experience points rewarded during a gaming session. If XP listed is enough to raise a character a level, the GM must be contacted (if not in session) before the level can be applied to discuss the new level gained by the character.

  • Suggested Reading:
    • Book of Vile Darkness – Wizards of the Coast
    • Complete Thief’s Guide – TSR

Asperia is a world that has been in development for years, from 1st edition through 3.5. With the release of 4th edition, Asperia has been migrated to the Pathfinder core rules, henceforth referred to as the Core Rulebook, to maintain its roots and style of play and not be a video game on paper.


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