Drow Village

Well we all woke up strapped to the tables. The to all to our surprise Dreagun who i thought was dead comes in with five female Drow. The leader told the other to release us. Banner and Marcus saw the symbol of Belyra. Banner did detect evil from three of them. Found out that the whole think was a set up to see who we our. They told us that the Drow Ya’ronal who was locked up with us was the grandson of Matron Yavasha. He was put with us to find out what type of people we where.
They told us the story about the Spider Queen. It seem that the spider queen is calling all the Drow to the Drider city. The Spider Queen is turning the Drow in to abominations. She is also calling all of the Dark Maiden armies to her the undead and dragon-men and so froth. Matron Yavasha, asked us to help her and the people in the village.
They lead us in to a room with food and water to clean ourselves up. We talked how these Drow are diffident from what we have heard from legends. We weighed our choose’s and figured that we would choose the lesser of two evils and help them. Matron Yavasha was happy to hear this she gave us supplies and let us know that her grandson Ya’ronal would be are guide.
Ya’ronal let us int eh tunnels for about three days with out event. During the time we learned about his people and him. On the four day we ran into some Spiders. Ari tripped the trap and a giant Spider came down from the tunnel be hide us. Banner and Ya’ronal bet it to retreat, but Ari went forward and ran into 7 of them . We all ran to his help but they all phased out. they attack us for a while and some of the party was taking con damage.Thank the gods banner was able to help some of use of the con damage. With luck we defeated them after some time. We looked around the room , found some gold ,copper,Healing Staff, and a knife Star 2 ,(4 bane Faye.

We traveled the next three days without event. On the four day we came to a fork in the tunnel with lead huge drop off. Well Air lite a torch ,drop it of the edge to see how deep it was. The wind put it out and then Deeper Darkness was chased. Banner and Marcus were out side the range of it ,but where attacked from be-hide. Dreagun and Mordakar where hit with a fire spell. We dropped two Drow who attack banner and Marcus. Then the Deeper Darkness was lifted, that is when we saw all the Drow floating above us. Ari had enlarged and was attacking one. Just then one throw a sphere in the middle of us and Summoned a Retriever yes that right A Fucking RETRIEVER Naldia help us. Well after having some us almost die from the Retriever Energy Ray blast. and claw attacks it was killed. During the battle Ya’ronal and Mordakar where attacking the Drow Sorcerer’s. When we about to defeat the Retriever The Drow Sorcerer’s cast Wall of blades on us and the Retriever. the wall of blades almost killed us, but as she did that she disappeared.

We licked are wounds after the Retriever and rest for a day. We all then traveled down the right tunnel for one day. We then heard the sound of a marching army below us. We could look down since it was so dark so Ya’ronal lowered him self down. He saw a skeleton army marching with mounts with fire on there feet. We rested for awhile and then a Dark Creeper showed up on Ari watch. The Dark Creeper end up leading us to his village, all of them where killed looked like Drider did it. We tried to talk to the Dark Creeper we figured out what he wanted us to help him. He lead us to a chamber. The chamber was a hatchery crawling with drider’s. We got the idea to burn it with Marcus help. We all thought it was a good idea he lite it up like a forest fire . That is when we saw the drider’s running after us all seven. Ya’ronal had the good idea to run like hell away form them. Marcuse used one of the scroll form Matron Yavasha to make a wall. The wall lasted about 10 seconds but bought us time to run.
Now we are all in the tunnel running away from the drider’s except for Ya’ronal who ran away. May Naldia help us get through this.



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